Chris Lombardi


Within the boundaries of traditional American tattooing, there are still walls to break down. The stones that are left unturned, in time, will be turned and we’ll have to push forward and find new stones. Just because the average tattoo collector ran out of ideas, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new for them to discover. It does, however, mean they’ll have to trust us to help them find those elusive answers, but we’ll have to bring skills and ideas to the table that supersede those before us. 

I’m after a product that is truly greater than the sum of it’s parts. A tattoo that will cause a cerebral thought wave and a visceral reaction when seen from across the street, across the room and again, up close and personal. From the first consultation to our final session and for the duration of your life, you’ll have a tattoo that was tailor made just for you. The more creativity you allow, the stronger your tattoo will be. But you have to trust that you’re in the hands of a professional creative person. One that has your best interest in mind, always.

Leave your inhibitions, attitude and control at the door, because you’re here to experience something new. A beautiful creative process with a caring, professional tattooer. You’re here to nurture your spirit with permanent art and I’m here to give you the best version possible.

My main interests are:

Japanese style body suits, back pieces, sleeves

American traditional tattoos

Large scale traditional tribal motifs.


All other ideas are carefully considered and accepted on a case by case basis.



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